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Bethea Coates and Associates, Tax Consultants, LLC

Providing assistance to tax professionals and taxpayers on Internal Revenue Service collection issues

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• Bob Bethea was with the Internal Revenue Service for 31½ years. He spent 10 years as a Revenue Officer, 13 years as a Special Procedures Advisor and 5 years in management. Bob retired as a Settlement Officer after spending 3½ years with Appeals.

• Jim Coates is not accepting new clients.  He will do a quick analysis of your situations and make recommendations/referrals.  He. has 36 years experience with the Internal Revenue Service with 33 of those years in Collection. He was a Revenue Officer for 9 years, in Collection management for 21 years as a Revenue Officer Group Manager and Special Procedures Manager. Jim retired as the Property Appraisal and Liquidation Specialist Group Manager after spending four years in that position. He represents taxpayers on collection issues before the Internal Revenue Service.

Expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Complex collection issues, including all Federal Tax Lien issues, e.g., discharge, subordination, release, subrogation, non-attachment.

• Offer in Compromise issues

• “Collection Alternatives”
• Bankruptcy issues as it relates to Internal Revenue Taxes
• Collection Due Process
• Collection Appeals cases
• Provide advice on release of notice of levy
• Provide advice on seizure and sale issues
• Representing taxpayers before the IRS on any of

the above issues

Our fees are hourly with a retainer. Fees charged depend on the complexity of the problem to be resolved. Please contact us for a quote.
As consultants to the tax professional who are themselves representing the taxpayer, our fees depend on the issues to be addressed. Please contact us for a quote.
We are looking forward to working with you.