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Bethea Coates and Associates, Tax Consultants, LLC

Providing assistance to tax professionals and taxpayers on Internal Revenue Service collection issues

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If you owe the Internal Revenue Service, please give us a call. Our company specializes in representing clients before the Internal Revenue Service on Collection issues. Clients include individuals owing unpaid Individual Income tax (Form 1040) as well as companies and businesses owing unpaid employment tax (Form 941). We analyze everyone’s unique situation and make recommendations on the best course of action to protect our client’s interest while complying fully with law and regulations. Please use the "Contact Us" tab to the left for contact information...


Note: As of February, 2017, Mr. Coates will not be accepting new clients. He can help with a quick analysis of your situation and make recommendations or referrals.  Mr. Bethea continues to work new clients.

We provide counsel and advice to others in the profession as well.



All members of our company are Enrolled Agents, licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service.To find out more about Enrolled Agents, please visit the Internal Revenue site here:,,id=100710,00.html



All members of our company are active members in the professional organization Capital of Texas Enrolled Agents.

Their website is

Serving Clients Nationwide...